Why Chimney Caps Are Useful

3 Reasons to Get a Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are a cheap and easy addition to your home. If you do not have a cap on your chimney, then you need to understand that they can be useful in three important ways. If you are getting a chimney cap, be sure to get one that will protect your home and family from all three of these problems listed below.

Weather: All forms of precipitation (rain, snow, ice) and even dew can get into your home through your chimney unless you have a cap over it. The moisture from this water can cause serious damage to your chimney. It becomes even worse when it mixes with the soot that sits on the walls of your chimney. The structure of the chimney will deteriorate and may even crack, which will require a very expensive repair. This is just one reason professionals recommend chimney caps.

Animals: Even large pests, such as squirrels and bats, can get into your home through the chimney. These pests pose a serious danger to your home and the people in it because they carry disease and will damage your home just by being there. They may make a nest in your chimney and have easy access to the rest of your home. In addition, their nest can block the passage for smoke when you set a fire, which will cause the smoke to back up into your home—this can result in smoke damage to the home and carbon monoxide poisoning to the people inside. A chimney cap with a strong mesh wiring over it will keep pests out of your chimney.

Fire: On rare occasions, an ember can fly out of your chimney onto your roof, starting a fire. Because even the smallest spark can start a house fire, it is smart to have a cap in the way to keep these embers safely contained.

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