Taylorsville Chimney Sweep and Fireplace Specialists

A fireplace and chimney can be visually appealing features to have in your home. Even with all the beauty and warmth they bring, there are times when your fireplace or chimney can fail and cause damage. 

Atlanta Chimney Doctor has extensive experience servicing fireplaces and chimneys, prioritizing safety and quality every time. When your chimney starts working improperly, you can turn to your trusted chimney specialist in Taylorsville, for outstanding services and products. 

Our Chimney Services 

As a certified chimney sweep, Atlanta Chimney Doctor has the necessary expertise to address any issues, regardless of how small or big they are. We are proud to offer the following chimney services in Taylorsville: 

  • Inspections: Using our advanced scanning technology, we can conduct three levels of inspections based on your specific issues. We thoroughly assess your chimney’s condition to understand the repairs needed. 
  • Cleaning and sweeping: Cleaning is one of the best ways to care for your chimney correctly. Our expert team cleans any buildup in your chimney and clears out blockage for improved efficiency. 
  • Masonry repair: Chimney masonry can sustain damages such as cracks or chips due to prolonged exposure to the elements. We can repair various chimney materials, including stone and brick.
  • Chimney lining: The chimney lining can become faulty or misaligned over time. The liners ensure toxins and gases escape your home, so it’s essential for them to function well. We replace and repair chimney lining to keep your home and family safe.
  • Waterproofing: Water that enters your home through the chimney can cause issues for the chimney itself, the fireplace and your house’s interior. We offer waterproofing services to protect your chimney from water intrusion and prevent damage to your home’s structure. 
  • Chimney caps: We offer chimney cap services to keep water and pests out and prevent drafts from entering your home. 

Fireplace Remodeling and Other Services We Offer 

Beyond taking care of chimney repairs in Taylorsville, we also address the following: 

  • Fireplace remodeling: When it’s time to upgrade your fireplace, our team will help you design and construct one that suits your needs. Our fireplace remodeling services will help improve its function and visual appeal. 
  • Smoke problems: When you notice smoke entering your space instead of escaping through the chimney, it’s a sign that the fireplace and chimney are not working efficiently. We are trained to find the source of the smoke issue and take care of it accordingly. 
  • Dryer cleaning: When the dryer vents are clogged with lint, they can run longer and be a potential fire hazard. We clean dryer vents and improve their efficiency to help you save on energy costs and reduce the risk of fires. 

Contact us for Chimney and Fireplace Solutions in Taylorsville

Atlanta Chimney Doctor has been working on chimneys and fireplaces around Georgia for decades. We are a fully licensed and insured chimney sweep, and we only use advanced, safe practices when working in your home. You can rest assured that we will deliver quality service every time, as all of our work is guaranteed. 

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