Atlanta Chimney Sweeps and Fireplace Repair


A chimney is a beautiful feature of your house. It helps your fireplace provide safe warmth and light and gives your home a luxurious, stately appearance. However, regular sweeping, repairs, and a chimney cap to prevent damage from water, animals and embers are essential to maintaining this appearance and function. We offer those services and more here at Atlanta Chimney Doctor.

Why Chimney Cleaning Is Necessary in Atlanta, GA

Safety is the most crucial aspect of why you need regular chimney cleaning and maintenance. Regular care helps to protect you and your family against:

  • Water leaks and damage: As your chimney ages, water may compromise its structure, leading to water damage and leaks.
  • Fire risks: A worn-out chimney liner, a clogged dryer vent or accumulated soot can cause fire risks in your home.
  • Nesting animals: A compromised chimney cap can allow small animals and birds to start nesting in the chimney or even find their way into your home. 
  • Drafts: An old fireplace with cracks can cause uncomfortable drafts to drift through your home.
  • Smoke: Smoke backup can occur for various reasons. You will need an expert to diagnose and fix the problem to avoid safety hazards. 

Our professional service can easily diagnose and solve all these possible issues with chimney repair and other services in Atlanta, Georgia. 

How Atlanta Chimney Doctor Can Help You 

We are a proud Atlanta chimney cleaning company with decades of experience. We offer comprehensive services to ensure the safety of your family and home, including:

We also offer additional home services to keep you and your family safe, including dryer vent cleaning.

Why Choose Us?

We warrant all our services, and we are fully licensed and insured. We belong to the following organizations: 

  • The Atlanta Better Business Bureau
  • The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)
  • The National Chimney Sweep Guild of America 

We are a well-known and respected family-owned and operated chimney sweep in Atlanta. For over 30 years, our pride and purpose have come from knowing our work will ensure your safety and keep your home a comfortable, cozy place to share memories with those you love.

Contact Your Local Fireplace and Chimney Experts

It is our duty to provide you with the highest-quality service in Atlanta. If you need us, call us at (678) 525-7943 or contact us to request one of our services.