Copper & Assorted Chimney Pots

A copper chimney pot lengthens your chimney’s smokestack to produce a better draft for fires. You can easily see a copper chimney pot from the ground, which caused them to become a popular way for homeowners to reflect their styles. Copper chimney pots are prevalent across the globe with varying styles, designs, and materials.




European Copper Chimney Pots

Our installation experts at Atlanta Chimney Doctor have experience installing European copper chimney pots in a wide variety of styles. A copper chimney pot is more durable, lightweight and easy to install than a typical clay chimney pot. As a rust-proof, no-maintenance option for your chimney, a copper chimney pot is an excellent piece of hardware that will stay beautiful for years to come.

Some features of European copper chimney pots include:

  • A beautiful alternative to clay chimney pots.
  • A lightweight build to carry up ladders.
  • Availability in many different sizes to fit the needs of your chimney.
  • Compatibility with varying chimney flute sizes.
  • A Lifetime Warranty.

Copper Chimney Pot Options

Copper chimney pots complement your home and keep your chimney safe. We have multiple installation options for European copper chimney pots. If you are looking for a durable and stylish addition to your chimney, consider our copper chimney pots.

  • Beautiful alternatives to clay chimney pots
  • Light enough to carry up a ladder
  • Available in five sizes, from 2′ to 4′ tall
  • Fits flue tiles up to 18′ x 18′
  • Lifetime Warranty

The King Chimney Pot

The King is the largest copper chimney pot and will make a statement for any home. With an octagonal shape, the King is ideal for keeping your chimney safe from elements such as wind and rain. As a lightweight chimney pot option, the King can be easily carried up a ladder for installation.

The Queen Chimney Pot

The Queen is a slightly smaller version of the King. This copper chimney pot features the same octagonal shape and vent design, making it ideal for preventing downdrafts in your home. 

The Knight Chimney Pot

The Knight is a stunning copper chimney pot with a square shape and pyramid top. This chimney pot features an X grid design for keeping animals and small debris out of your chimney to prevent blockages and other damage. With a broad base to fit most chimney sizes, the Knight is a lightweight chimney pot option making it easy to transport and install. 

The Bishop Chimney Pot

If you are looking for a durable, round chimney pot, we suggest The Bishop. This chimney pot mimics the shape of standard clay pots without excess weight. The Bishop protects your roof and home from snow and ice buildup. 

The Pawn Chimney Pot

As the smallest European copper chimney pot option, the Pawn is perfect for smaller chimneys. The Pawn is a lightweight chimney pot that boosts curb appeal and protects against debris like leaves and branches. 

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