Fireplace & Chimney Remodeling & Repair Services


Fireplace remodeling and repair can help make your fireplace function correctly. Over time and without the proper maintenance, your chimney and fireplace can show signs of wear and tear such as damaged masonry, cracks, damaged chimney liners, leaks and other problems.

Problems with your fireplace can be dangerous. Leaks, for example, can cause water to pour into your chimney and cause serious water damage or mold. An unsafe fireplace can result in dangerous gases and smoke seeping into your house and even create a fire risk.

In some cases, simple repairs are enough to fix the issue. If the chimney and fireplace have undergone serious damage from a storm or prolonged neglect, remodeling or extensive replacement may be needed to bring the fireplace and chimney up to code.

Chimney Rebuilding & Chimney Repair

Remodeling and repairing the chimney and fireplace can help your entire system work more effectively. Our team at Atlanta Chimney Doctor can bring your chimney up to code, allowing you to save money and making sure you can insure your property. By bringing your home up to code, you can also make it more attractive to potential buyers when you’re ready to sell.

With repairs, you also make your chimney and home safer for you and your family. Your chimney is one of the most important parts of your house, but it can pose a safety hazard without proper maintenance and care. By ensuring your chimney and fireplace work correctly, you can improve the heating of your home as well as your indoor air quality — no more risk of dangerous gases and smoke polluting your air and causing health issues.

Chimney Stack Remodeling

A chimney stack is the part of the chimney that is visible on the roof and is usually made of brick. This part of the chimney is exposed to the elements all year long, and many animals and birds are attracted to the chimney area because of the heat. Some even try to build nests inside or climb into the house through this entrance.

Since it is exposed to the elements, your chimney stack requires regular care and attention. You may notice masonry issues, cracks and other problems, especially after bad storms. Since the chimney stack is an entry point into your home, you want to have a chimney cap to keep water and pests out. You may also wish to waterproof your chimney stack and get it inspected yearly.

If your chimney stack is severely damaged, chimney stack replacement services from Atlanta Chimney Doctor can be your best option to ensure your home is safe. We can also look at any damage to the liner, the firebox and the fireplace itself.

Below is an example of a rotted chimney chase due to poor homeowner maintenance. The entire fireplace had to be removed and the chimney chase was replaced. In replacing the chase we installed a fire stop per NFPA 211 standard code and insulated the chimney to prevent cold drafts from entering the home. We then installed a custom cap with a 10 year warranty.

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Below is an example of where we replaced and installed a new fireplace without effecting the existing rock surround. The glass doors did not have to be removed and the homeowner was able to save a lot of money and a lot of time. We will perform all aspects of the job, such as the gas, sheetrock, siding and everything that is needed to finish the job.