The Atlanta Chimney Doctor – “Your Fireplace Specialist” is a family owned and operated, full service fireplace and chimney company who has been serving the Kennesaw community for over 30 years. We are proud to provide quality, professional service to residential homes. Our main job in fireplaces and chimneys is to help prevent fires related to fireplaces, wood stoves, gas, oil and coal heating systems and the chimneys that serve them. Give us a call today (678) 525-7943


For over 30 years, Atlanta Chimney Doctor, LLC, has been the leading chimney sweep in Kennesaw, GA. We are a family-owned and operated fireplace and chimney company that specializes in high-quality customer service, we can offer personalized care that puts your needs first. $40 off variety of Chimney Services. Click here to find our promotions.

Fireplace and Chimney Services Include:

  • Chimney Caps Install in KennesawChimney caps are valuable sources of protection for your home. Our professional installation, repair and replacement services will ensure your chimney is free of wind and water.
  • Chimney & Fireplace Cleaning Services in Kennesaw, GA: We perform chemical cleaning to remove the soot and debris that accumulate on chimney walls. Our service also eliminates blockages that can negatively impact the chimney and fireplace’s function and pose a safety risk. The National Fire Protection Association recommends at least an annual cleaning, or more often if you use your fireplace frequently.
  • Chimney Inspections in Kennesaw, GAThe older your home and chimney are, the more likely they will experience problems. Atlanta Chimney Doctor can conduct regular inspections to detect cracks and other signs of trouble. Our process involves inserting a camera inside the chimney and using video scanning to get a closer look. 
  • Chimney Liner Repair in KennesawThe chimney lining creates a barrier between the flue and chimney walls and enables dangerous gases to escape when using your fireplace. The liner can develop leaks or cracks that could endanger your family. Our experts can repair minor damage or perform a full replacement with a code-compliant stainless steel liner if necessary. Our stainless steel liners come with lifetime warranty protection. 
  • Chimney Re-Lining in Kennesaw, GA: An improperly installed or misaligned chimney liner can allow gases to escape through your chimney walls and damage the mortar. We can correct this issue or install a new liner if necessary. We’ll ensure the lining meets code requirements and functions safely, giving you additional peace of mind. 
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning in KennesawDid you know that a lint-clogged dryer vent presents a significant fire hazard? A clogged vent also causes the dryer to run longer, resulting in inefficient performance and higher energy costs. Atlanta Chimney Doctor can perform regular vent cleaning that enables your dryer to function properly and prolongs its lifespan. You’ll also sleep better knowing you’re making your home a safer place for your family.
  • Fireplace Remodeling in Kennesaw, GA: As your fireplace and chimney age, they may begin to show signs of wear and tear like cracked masonry and water damage, which require immediate attention. Trust us to perform fireplace rebuilding and chimney leak repair work that restores them to like-new condition. We can also remodel the stack, which is the visible portion of the chimney.
  • Masonry Repair in KennesawExterior chimney bricks face continuous exposure to the elements, which eventually causes deterioration. Gaps in the masonry make it easier for water and pests to infiltrate the chimney and jeopardize the structural integrity of your home’s roof and eaves. We perform expert masonry repair work that can prevent these issues.
  • Smoke Problems in Kennesaw, GA: Interior smoke damage can occur if you fail to fully open the damper when lighting a fire in your fireplace. Improper fireplace and chimney design can also contribute to inefficient smoke ventilation. We can install high-quality fans and other effective products that prevent smoke backup inside your home.
  • Waterproofing & Repair in KennesawThe bricks and other masonry used in chimney construction absorb water that causes expansion and contraction from constant freezing and thawing. The result is cracking in the chimney that creates leaks. We can perform chimney leak repairs and implement various waterproofing techniques that prevent further damage.
  • Gas Log Fireplace Installation In Kennesaw: Choosing professional gas log installation guarantees the secure and efficient operation of your fireplace, providing a serene ambiance where you can unwind and cherish cozy evenings by the fire with complete peace of mind.


A chimney is more than an escape path for smoke. It’s part of a ventilation system. Not only can soot and creosote stick to your chimney’s masonry and flue, other debris such as branches, leaves, and even wildlife, like squirrels and birds, can become stuck in your chimney, allowing smoke and carbon monoxide to enter your home. We can sweep your chimney to keep it operating efficiently and prevent it from becoming a health hazard to you and your family.

  • All work is warranted.
  • Licensed and fully insured.
  • Member of the Atlanta Better Business Bureau.
  • Chimney Safety Institute of America – Certified Chimney Sweep.
  • National Chimney Sweep Guild of America – Member.


We are a Certified Chimney Sweep and members of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and we consider it our duty to provide the highest quality service in Kennesaw, GA. We endeavor to provide service so reliable that you will call us whenever you need assistance with your fireplace.

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