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A chimney and fireplace combination is an excellent way to keep warm and provides a home with an ambiance unmatched by any other feature. However, to keep this ambiance and home safety, you must maintain them properly. At Atlanta Chimney Doctor, we are experts in keeping your house beautiful and your family safe.

Why Chimney Maintenance Is Crucial

Fireplace and chimney repair and maintenance are vital for your household’s safety and structural integrity. It would be best if you had consistent, professional maintenance to resolve issues such as: 

  • Fire risks: Proper maintenance will prevent fire risks from blocked dryer vents, soot buildup or a worn-out chimney liner.
  • Water damage: Proper maintenance and waterproofing will resolve water leaks resulting from foundation cracks, missing or damaged chimney caps, and issues with mortar joints.
  • Embers: A compromised chimney cap can lead to embers escaping, posing a fire risk to the surrounding area. 
  • Gas buildup: Damaged chimney liners can cause dangerous gases to seep through chimney walls and enter your home.
  • Smoke: Smoke buildup is a health concern, especially for those with respiratory problems. It is a sign that your chimney needs repair. 

Our Services 

If you live in or around Marietta, Georgia, you will need help from a trusted team. We offer comprehensive services to ensure your fireplace and chimney are safe. We provide: 


A chimney is more than an escape path for smoke. It’s part of a ventilation system. Not only can soot and creosote stick to your chimney’s masonry and flue, other debris such as branches, leaves, and even wildlife, like squirrels and birds, can become stuck in your chimney, allowing smoke and carbon monoxide to enter your home. We can sweep your chimney to keep it operating efficiently and prevent it from becoming a health hazard to you and your family

  • All work is warranted.
  • Licensed and fully insured.
  • Member of the Atlanta Better Business Bureau.
  • Chimney Safety Institute of America – Certified Chimney Sweep.
  • National Chimney Sweep Guild of America – Member.

Request Chimney Sweep and Other Home Services in Marietta

We are a Marietta chimney sweep that has served the community for over 30 years. We are proud to go out and ensure people’s safety so they can gather around the fireplace without worry.

At Atlanta Chimney Doctor, we back our work with warranties, and we’re fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Call us at (678) 525-7943 or contact us to request one of our services.