Masonry Chimney Caps


Chimney caps are crucial for maintaining your chimney safely. Many homeowners tend to overlook this critical component when building their chimnies. A professionally installed chimney cap is an excellent choice for any home. 

Custom Copper Hip Cap
Custom Black Hip Cap

Features of Masonry Chimney Caps

The experts at Atlanta Chimney Doctor have experience installing stylish, custom chimney caps in top brands such as Gelco, Homesaver Pro and HY-C. We also provide installation services for single-flue chimney caps and multi-flue chimney caps. Masonry chimney caps keep your home safe from fire by preventing stray sparks from drifting out onto your roof. 

Installing a chimney cap provides a resilient piece of hardware that will not fade over time. These durable chimney caps are available in options such as:

  • Powdered Coated Black.
  • Copper.
  • Stainless Steel.

Benefits of Our Masonry Chimney Caps

A chimney cap is essentially a guard for your chimney. The cap stops outdoor elements such as rain, snow, twigs and debris from entering the chimney, allowing smoke, ash and more to exit. Our chimney caps come with a range of advantages. 

Keep Animals Out

Chimney caps, especially those with mesh lining, help prevent animals from making a home in your chimney. During the winter months, animals will make a nest in your chimney because it is warm from your fireplace. These nests can block your chimney or cause smoke to flow back into your home. Installing a chimney cap will keep animals out and help you save on cleaning costs.

Lower Moisture Levels in Your Home

If you live in a rainy area, your chimney will accumulate water over time. This water can damage the dampers or mortar joints as well as create mildew. It also raises the humidity levels of your home to make your home feel uncomfortable. Installing a chimney cap will prevent water from entering and protect your chimney.

Prevent Downdrafts

Chimneys allow air to move out of the house while bringing air into the home. If you live somewhere windy, the wind may blow down your chimney and into your home. This downdraft can make your home feel colder in the wintertime or blow smoke back into your house. A chimney cap will prevent downdrafts and help keep your home warmer. 

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