Energy Top Dampers


Also known as lock top dampers, energy top dampers, top mounted dampers, lymance dampers, top sealing dampers, flues, chimney dampers, or termination dampers. Atlanta Chimney Doctor’s energy top fireplace dampers turn heating and air bills in your favor with their highly efficient insulated closure (approx. $110 – $260+ annually). These chimney dampers also aid in cold draft entry prevention, wind down draft elimination, odor entry solutions, and are far more cost effective & efficient than original construction throat mount replacement chimney dampers.

Atlanta Chimney Doctor’s top fitting fireplace dampers are chimney caps & chimney dampers in one:

  • Seals in your heat in the winter & air conditioning in the summer.
  • Seals out animals, birds, and insects.
  • Helps prevent sparks from landing on your roof, potentially causing a home fire.
  • Eliminates/minimizes wind downdrafts closed/open).
  • Much more efficient than traditional throat-mount chimney flues.
  • Handle is easy to reach, see, & easy to use.
  • Most consistent opening height on market (free flow design).
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Made in the USA.

Cold draft entry prevention  Cold air is dense and will  “fall” down your chimney  “pushing”  on less than efficient throat dampers (chimney flues), which close metal against metal (not very efficient). Energy top fireplace dampers have a fireproof gasketed lip over lip-insulated closure, which is uncontested in efficiency ratings.

Wind down draft elimination  These fireplace dampers (chimney flues) eliminate wind downdrafts from blowing cold drafts of air down your chimney with their fireproof gasketed lip-over-lip insulated closure.

Odor entry solution A “campfire” like smell will often enter a home on hot/humid/rainy days. In order for this to occur, there must be air moving down through the chimney to bring the smell into the home. Our energy top fireproof gasketed lip-over-lip insulated closure with a bypass for double closure efficiency may provide you with relief from air movement & odor coming down the chimney.

Atlanta Chimney Doctor’s energy top fireplace dampers attached to the top of your chimney flue liner. In the closed position it is virtually invisible from the ground. These chimney dampers provide you with a tight, gasketed fit that seals in your heat and seals out all weather conditions, insects, birds and animals.

Heat loss up fireplace chimney flues account for an averaged 11% of your total home heating costs! These top mount fireplace dampers will help to prevent this heat loss. Stay warmer and save money!