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Fireplaces and chimneys are more than architectural elements of a home. They’re functional, aesthetic and often practical necessities that add value, comfort and beauty. However, they need to be properly cleaned, maintained and sometimes replaced.

Whether your fireplace is due for its first cleaning or you suspect your chimney is in need of some extra care, give Atlanta Chimney Doctor a call.

Our company is a proud, fully insured member of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) as well as the National Chimney Sweep Guild. Every member of the team has been trained and licensed to offer chimney cleaning, inspection and repair solutions in Vinings, Georgia, and the surrounding community.

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Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning, Inspection and Other Services in Vinings

Are you searching for a high-quality, full-service chimney cleaning specialist to come to your home in Vinings? Trust our team to provide you with the following services:


This home improvement project can only be done by experts. We’ll come to your residence and clean out your chimney thoroughly. When we’re done, you can confidently use your fireplace without worrying about harmful smoke or toxins from entering your home.

It’s important to get your chimney inspected regularly. Our credentialed team can give you a comprehensive understanding of the state of your chimney. We provide Level I, II and III inspections augmented by video cameras and other state-of-the-art equipment.

A fireplace leak can lead to visible structural problems or unpleasant smells, like mildew. Our team will analyze the situation and make recommendations based on the underlying problem, such as a missing or underperforming chimney cap.

The brick or stone masonry must be intact for you to safely use your chimney or fireplace. Even small cracks in the masonry can lead to big concerns down the road. We can rebuild and repair minor and major masonry crumbling, deterioration and other concerns.

The lining of your chimney, which is sometimes referred to as a flue lining, plays an important part in the chimney system. A misaligned, improperly installed or damaged lining can be a danger to you, your home and your family. We stand by our chimney lining installation and repair, making certain every liner we fix or install in Vinings meets all code requirements.

Are you noticing a backup of smoke from your chimney? Call our chimney professionals before using your fireplace again.

We also offer dryer vent cleaning. Get rid of all the lint that’s built up in your vents over the years to reduce the risk of fire and improve your dryer’s overall performance.

Over time, fireplaces and chimneys start to break down because of water exposure, rotting and normal wear. Our remodeling services can extend their life span.

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