The Benefits of Copper Chimney Caps

Few elements of a home carry as much charm and comfort as a beautiful fireplace and chimney. Look at nearly any home in a perfect painting or advertisement and it will likely have a dramatic, stately chimney. Those who own fireplaces and chimneys possess timeless features that cannot be overrated.

A chimney is not just a pile of bricks, though—several parts have to work together and be engineered precisely to prevent damage inside or outside your home. After all, you are literally playing with fire when you light up your hearth. One of the most important pieces is the chimney cap. In particular, copper chimney caps in Marietta make a great statement for your home. But why copper? And why top your chimney at all?

Why Chimney Caps?

Well, first of all, a chimney cap protects your home from the elements. It keeps rain, snow, ice, and debris carried by strong winds out of your chimney. Copper is durable enough to resist the elements without rusting, chipping away, or plain flying off, even in harsh conditions.

One of the most dangerous elements for building materials of all kinds is the sun. Sunlight, the source of life for plants and, therefore, animals and humans, can do intense damage to paint, siding, and more. Copper, though, will not warp or fade even in the intense Marietta summer sun.

Chimney caps also serve a highly scientific purpose. A copper chimney cap in particular acts as a spark arrestor, or a protective layer that helps control fire so that it can be enjoyed safely. Chimney caps act as arrestors in 3 ways: First, they prevent intense heat from spreading out the top of your chimney and lighting your roof up in flames; second, they prevent outside oxygen, heat, and debris from strengthening the fire in your hearth to uncontrollable levels; and third, they keep ashes and soot inside the chimney—matter that could otherwise float out from the top of your chimney and cause outdoor fires.

Keeps Fire In, Keeps Pests Out

Chimney caps have one vital purpose that you can’t live without: pest control. Pests love the warm and safe environment that a chimney offers and will happily exit the chimney when a fire starts, only to come back when the temperature returns to normal. Raccoons, rats, and obnoxious, pesky birds known as chimney swifts are problematic critters that chimney caps keep at bay. A copper chimney cap is so strong that no animal could possibly burrow through or into it and invade your chimney.

Most importantly, though, copper is a beautiful substance. Its remarkable shimmer and reddish-gold hue are unmistakable.What better way to top your home than with a copper cap? Copper chimney caps in Marietta may not be the least expensive option, but the quality of the investment shows.