Fireplace & Chimney Masonry Repair Services


Chimney masonry repair, such as rebuilding and restoring damaged masonry, can help resolve unsightly, discolored, cracked, and missing parts of the brick and other masonry around your chimney. The professionals at Atlanta Chimney Doctor can help with fireplace masonry repair, masonry rebuilds, and replacements for your chimney.

Masonry issues are not just cosmetic. Crumbling bricks and masonry can be a serious risk to your health and your home’s safety. It can even pose a liability risk if someone is injured by falling masonry on your property. If you notice any crumbling bits of masonry or bricks around your chimney or fireplace, it’s a serious concern and you should schedule professional repair services right away.

At Atlanta Chimney Doctor, our services include:

Brick Chimney Masonry and Brick Repair

A brick chimney can last for generations, but the bricks around your chimney are also exposed to the elements. Heavy rain, wind, storms and other weather events can wear away at the masonry of your chimney over time. You may not notice right away, but any cracks, chips or damage to your chimney can cause serious issues.

For example, problems with the brick or masonry can cause your chimney to fail to work correctly as well as result in water or pests entering your home. Timely chimney masonry repair can prevent such issues and ensure the proper functioning of your chimney. Falling masonry can also pose a safety risk and damage your roof, eaves and soffit as well as other parts of the roof.

When we look at your chimney masonry, we can also take care of chimney cap repair. The chimney cap fits over your chimney and prevents birds and animals from entering your chimney. It can also prevent rain from entering your home and causing damage. If winds have displaced the chimney cap or if it has been damaged, we can repair or replace it to protect your chimney from additional damage.

Firebox and Fireplace Brick Repair

Your fireplace is often the focal point of a room. If you have broken, chipped, missing or damaged bricks or a damaged firebox, it can look unsightly. Since bricks are porous, any damage to your fireplace bricks or firebox can result in more dust in the air and cause moisture and even mold.

Missing bricks can mean your fireplace will not function correctly as well as create the means for water and pests to enter your home. Once a few bricks are missing, the entire chimney structure may be compromised, which poses a significant safety hazard.

The firebox is the part of the fireplace where the wood is placed in order to make a fire. If the firebox has cracked bricks or deteriorating mortar joints, it needs to be rebuilt with new fire bricks and high temperature refractory mortar; thereby restoring the structural integrity. Atlanta Chimney Doctor can rebuild your firebox to a look and function as though it were new.

When you need fireplace and firebox repair, contact Atlanta Chimney Doctor for prompt, quality repair services. We have helped restore fireplaces and chimneys in historic homes and modern properties alike, so we can handle just about any fireplace or chimney remodel.

Benefits of Our Chimney Rebuilding and Repair Services

With chimney repair services from Atlanta Chimney Doctor, you can enjoy many safety benefits, including:

  • Won’t have to ever worry about a hazardous chimney again with our expert chimney rebuilding
  • Chimneys can, if bad enough condition, blow over and hurt someone
  • Prevent chimney fires
  • New chimney will prevent gases from escaping into house

Contact Us About Chimney Masonry Repair Services

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