Chimney Cleaning and Fireplace Services in Duluth

For over 30 years, Atlanta Chimney Doctor has been the comprehensive chimney and fireplace cleaning and remodeling company trusted by homeowners in the Duluth, GA area. 

We’re dependable, honest, insured and licensed, and we deliver exceptional customer service that elicits high praise. Our team of experienced technicians is keen on keeping our service as high as possible and strives to walk you through the best options for your chimney repair with every service call we make. 

Best Chimney Sweep in Duluth

We offer many fireplace and chimney services:

  • Smoke Problems in Duluth: Faulty fireplace designs, wet firewood, chimney cap problems, exhaust fans in the home or warm temperatures outside may be some of the reasons for your fireplace smoke problem.
  • Fireplace Remodeling in Duluth: Remodeling your fireplace can drastically increase the intimacy of your living room and update the energy efficiency of your home. 
  • Masonry Repair in Duluth: Chimney masonry repair is essential in maintaining the safety of your home. 
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning in DuluthTaking advantage of dryer vent cleaning services can reduce the risk of dryer fires, decrease wear and tear in your dryer, and save energy. 
  • Chimney Inspection in Duluth: A chimney inspection is recommended once a year and can reduce fire hazards, ward off unwanted visitors like small animals and birds, maintain the structural integrity of your fireplace, and more. 
  • Chimney Lining in Duluth: Why invest in a chimney liner? It keeps the heat inside the chimney where it belongs. 
  • Chimney Caps in DuluthThe Atlanta Chimney Doctor team will service your chimney caps with top-quality replacements, repairs, installations and inspections. Chimney caps help prevent fires, control sparks and inhibit windy downdrafts from blowing back into your home.
  • Chimney Liner Repair in DuluthWhen your chimney liner is not in proper working condition, condensation or heat may cause your brick and mortar to deteriorate at a higher rate. Our professionals will repair your liner immediately to ensure the safety of your home. 
  • Chimney Sweep and Cleaning in Duluth: Your vents and chimney should be cleaned at least once a year to ensure safety. 
  • Waterproofing and Chimney Leak Repair in DuluthOur waterproofing services prevent leaky chimneys and help preserve your fireplace’s integrity over the long term. Our team of experts will explain the process, and if you notice signs of chimney damage, give us a call for repairs.

Your Fireplace Experts in Duluth

The team of chimney sweeps at Atlanta Chimney Doctor can clean your chimney to prevent it from becoming a health hazard to you and your family. You can rest assured that all work is warranted when you choose us for your chimney and fireplace remodeling services in Duluth. 

Other reasons to choose Atlanta Chimney Doctor:

  • We are fully insured and licensed. 
  • We are a member of the Atlanta Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • We are members of the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).
  • We are a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. 

Reach Out to the Specialists at Atlanta Chimney Doctor

At Atlanta Chimney Doctor, the comfort and safety of our customers are of the utmost importance to us. Our team of chimney and fireplace specialists is committed to staying up to date on all the latest codes, safety procedures, trends and other necessary information. Whether you need chimney masonry repair, chimney cleaning and lining, or another service, we want you to feel confident that we will meet all of your needs. 

We invite you to call us at 678-525-7943 whenever you need assistance with your fireplace or contact us online and we’ll get back to you.