What Cap Best Suits Your Chimney?

Chimney caps in Atlanta, GA, are a must-have for homeowners. They keep birds and rodents from making their homes in your flue and blocking the airflow. Chimney caps protect your chimney from leaks during the rainy season and snow in the winter. An uncapped chimney is an invitation for mold and long-term damage. The question is, what kind of chimney cap works best for you? The experts at Atlanta Chimney Doctor have a few tips that will help you select the right cap for your needs.

Traditional Caps

Extended flues are the most common type of chimney design in Atlanta, GA. Caps for square and rectangle flues use screws or clamps to secure the device to your flue. Oval and round-shaped flues are a little trickier because you must verify the exact size of the opening to find the proper cap.

Caps can be screwed or clamped into place, but slip-in caps grip the inside of the flue without the need for additional hardware. Keep in mind that slip-in caps are more vulnerable to high winds during hurricane season and can blow away during violent storms. Chimneys with flues that are flush with the crown may require extra hardware to attach your chimney cap. Depending on the shape, you may be able to extend the flue to accommodate a traditional cap or you can add legs to convert and externally-mount a cap into a slip-in.


Dampers are essentially doors that can open and close creating a tight seal when mounted inside or over your chimney flue. Dampers can be used in combination with a mounted cap or they can be stand-alone. For the perfect fit, however, you must measure the inside length of your flue as well as the width and shape. Some caps have dampers built into their design which provides excellent protection from the rain as well as drafts.

Decorative Caps

Chimney caps and dampers serve a purely functional purpose but you can still protect your home from the elements with decorative chimney covers. Decorative covers come in a variety of colors and styles and can be customized to match your home.

Installing chimney caps in Atlanta, GA, is not without its hazards. Consider calling the experts at Atlanta Chimney Doctor to have your new cap professionally installed.