Preparing for Chimney Inspection and Sweep

Chimney sweep

A fireplace and chimney can add a touch of rustic charm to almost any home, no matter how modern it is. The fireplace and chimney can provide you and your family hours of warm, cozy comfort on those chilly winter days and serve as a communal gathering place where memories can be made in the gentle glow of the flames. For almost as long as people have been building houses, fireplaces and chimneys have been a part of the human experience. With routine cleaning and frequent chimney inspections in Dallas, homeowners can enjoy the charm of a fireplace and chimney in their homes with little inconvenience and upkeep.

One of the few maintenance tasks that should be performed seasonally to keep your chimney in optimal condition is chimney cleaning, or as it’s sometimes called, chimney sweeping. Cleaning your chimney is important because it not only ensures the proper operation of your chimney when you use it, but it also helps to allow safer operation and reduced fire risk. Most chimney sweeps are professionals who offer full-spectrum chimney service and can not only clean the chimney but conduct inspections and make repairs as well. If you’ve arranged for a visit from your friendly neighborhood chimney sweep, there are a few things you can do to prepare that will make your experience go smoothly. Read more below to learn how to prepare for a chimney inspection and sweep.

Clear the Mantle and Hearth

Not all fireplaces have mantles and hearths, but if you do have a mantle and hearth, you’ll want to clear it of décor before your chimney sweep arrives. The mantle is simply the shelf that hangs above the fireplace opening, which offers a flat space for decorative items, photos, or other adornments. You’ll want to remove everything from the mantle, as it could get in the way of the chimney sweep or be damaged during the sweeping process. The same goes for the hearth, where many people keep fire tools and other items. Make sure the chimney sweeping professional has clear access to the fireplace.

Empty the Fireplace

Some homeowners remove the ashes periodically from their fireplace instead of after every fire. If that’s the case, make sure that you clean the ash and charred bits of wood out of your fireplace before your chimney sweep arrives. That will expedite the cleaning and inspection process and reduce the risk of that ash making a mess during cleaning.

Two Chimneys on Roof

Cover Your Furnishings

Great advancements have been made over the years when it comes to chimney cleaning, and the process used these days is much cleaner than it was in the past. Most services use an industrial vacuum to pick up the dust from the chimney, so it never leaks into the home during the cleaning process. However, it’s still a good idea to cover any valuable art or furnishings in the room where the fireplace is located with plastic sheeting. The chimney sweep will place heavy linen fabric or sponge blocks around the fireplace threshold to catch any dust that escapes, but it pays to take an extra step to protect your furnishings. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Clean Up Outside

You can also expedite the chimney cleaning process by cleaning up around your chimney outside of the home so that your chimney cleaner can get an unobstructed view and have full access for inspection. Make sure to trim back any vegetation that may be near your chimney, both at ground level and around the chimney’s top. Also, make sure to identify an easy roof access point for your chimney sweep.

If you have a chimney cleaning service coming to conduct a sweep, inspection, or chimney repair in Dallas, make sure to use these tips to prepare. With proper preparation, you can improve your odds of a quick, efficient visit from your favorite chimney sweeping service. To learn more about ways to prepare for a visit from a chimney sweep, contact Atlanta Chimney Doctor at (678) 525-7943.