How Old Chimneys Can Be Scarier Than Dating Taylor Swift

While we’re pretty sure Taylor Swift was exaggerating just a little when she informed the world in “Blank Space” that her exes think she’s insane, we do know there’s quite a list of them, and many of them are immortalized in song form. The ups and downs of a roller-coaster romance can be pretty painful, and waiting for that breakup song would be even worse. Most people, however, don’t have to deal with such loud public displays, and their fears come from anticipating common household dangers like those that come from an old chimney.

Chimneys venting fireplaces, furnaces, and stoves are all susceptible to chimney fires due to the cracks and flaws that inevitably form in the materials over time. For instance, your flue tiles might flake or crack, or gaps might form around them. These can create serious problems, which is why proper maintenance and regular inspections can literally save lives. Not all problems are immediately detectable, but they can cause house fires or the more subtle but just as insidious spread of poisonous gas as the flue liner becomes compromised.

Schedule a chimney inspection to look for signs that you’ve had a chimney fire, especially if you notice dense smoke, an intense smell, or a loud popping noise. The inspector will check for other physical signs like puffy creosote, warped metal, damaged roofing material, or cracked exterior masonry. If you have had a chimney fire, you may need to protect your home and family by investing in a complete chimney rebuilding project, or you may just need to replace a few flue tiles, depending on the severity of the case. If your chimney no longer contains fires like it should, then chimney repair is an absolute necessity. Make no mistake, experiencing a house fire is far worse than featuring in “I Knew You Were Trouble” or “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” so stay alert and put in the effort to make your home a safe place to be.