8 Simple Tips for Buying the Perfect Chimney Cap

You may ask yourself if you even need a chimney cap. It’s a good question, but realistically, if you use your fireplace, you should have a chimney cap. Chimney caps prevent sparks from your fireplace from igniting your roof, trees, or any other flammable objects that may be just outside of your chimney. In addition, chimney caps help prevent animals from making a nesting place in your chimney. Birds are the most common offenders, but squirrels and raccoons are also known to do so. Finally, a chimney cap helps prevent your chimney from being damaged by the elements. Water can seep into a leaking chimney’s mortar joints and severely damage them, forcing you to seek out chimney repair. Now that you’re aware that you need a chimney cap, the question is what kind of chimney cap should you buy? Here are 8 easy tips for buying a good quality chimney cap that will suit your needs.

  1. You want to purchase a chimney cap made of the material that will suit you best. Galvanized steel caps are generally cheaper, but often do not last as long and are significantly less durable. Stainless steel caps are widely considered the best balance of performance and cost. Copper caps are a little more expensive, but are great if you wish to maintain a stylish appearance that will complement your home.
  2. A good portion of stainless steel or copper chimney caps will come with a lifetime warranty. Make sure that the chimney cap that you purchase is going to have that lifetime warranty. Some galvanized caps only come with a limited warranty, but double check your options to ensure you’re getting the best deal.
  3. A chimney cap should have at least a ¾-inch mesh to ensure that no embers are capable of getting through and damaging your property. However, you have to be careful. If the mesh you choose is smaller than that, you may find that it ices over in the winter. Snow may fail to push through the mesh and simply build up.
  4. You want a stronger, heavier cap that will resist high-speed winds and animal interference. If the cap is too light, it’s possible that nature will rip it right off.
  5. There are very few circumstances where you should install a chimney cap yourself. Many chimney caps have warranties that will be voided by this, and you risk injury by being up on your roof. A professional installation is your best choice.
  6. A good chimney cap will block water from getting inside of your chimney. However, not all chimney caps work for all types of chimneys. If you find that your chimney cap you isn’t preventing leakage, you may need to purchase a multi-flue chimney cap to ensure that your chimney is fully protected.
  7. If you hire a professional chimney sweep to install your chimney cap, you may find that draft issues stop occurring.
  8. Have a professional measure your chimney so you don’t waste money or effort getting a chimney cap that’s too small or too large. Draft issues can be created by an improperly sized chimney cap.

Whether you’re trying to solve a leaking chimney in Kennesaw or think you need chimney repair in Alpharetta, a chimney cap from your local business may solve more issues than you think. Check in with some professionals about chimney caps in Alpharetta, GA, to see what material, style, and size chimney caps you’d prefer. Make sure you’re informed when you purchase your chimney caps.