5 Reasons Why Chimney Caps Are Important

A chimney is vital to keeping your home safe from smoke and harmful gases when you use your fireplace or stove. But did you know your chimney could become less effective if it is damaged by water or other environmental elements? Fortunately, chimney caps in Atlanta can help protect your chimney so that your chimney can continue to do its job effectively. Chimney caps are like a box with a solid lid with mesh sides that are placed on the very top of your chimney. Here are the top 5 reasons you should have a chimney cap in Alpharetta.

Prevent Water Damage

Water from rain can damage pretty much any part of your home, and your chimney is no different. A chimney cap will keep rainwater from coming down the chimney, which will keep the chimney liner in good shape for many more years. Reduced moisture also protects the chimney dampers and mortar joints, which can begin to weaken after time because of water saturation. Reducing moisture also helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew in the chimney, both of which could eventually cause health problems for everyone in your home.

Keep Pests Out

Birds and other pests love building nests and homes in your chimney, and it can be extremely difficult to keep such pests out of your chimney without a chimney cap. Not only is it annoying and dangerous to have a pest living in your chimney, but it also gives them an access point to the rest of your house, which could result in a costly infestation. Pest infestations can become dangerous as well because the animals often have difficulty getting out of the chimney and die, leaving you to deal with the remaining bacteria, decomposition, and smell of the pests. Fortunately, chimney caps can keep all these pests out.

Block Other Debris

Trash, leaves, and other yard debris can easily enter the chimney and build up. While this may not seem like a big deal because it’s unlikely that the debris will actually block off the chimney, you may be surprised by how much debris can actually build up. In addition, this debris is usually very dry and can easily catch fire from sparks going up the chimney.

Increase Safety

It’s inevitable that sparks and embers will go up and out the chimney. These embers can land on any number of flammable materials, like dry leaves, dry patches of grass, patio furniture, and roofs. The embers could also cause a fire that could spread to your neighbors’ homes. When sparks and embers reach the chimney cap, however, most of these embers are blocked or extinguished before they can even leave the chimney.

Prevent Downdrafts

For a chimney to work properly, it needs a good draft to draw the smoke out. Chimney caps can help increase the draft by keeping the chimney clear. However, a downdraft (wind blowing down the chimney) can cause problems because it has the potential of blowing smoke the opposite direction and back into the home. Chimney caps can block such downdrafts and keep the chimney working properly. There are even special caps made specifically to block wind and downdrafts.