Waterproofing and Repair


Water is a chimneys worst enemy. Chimney leaks, fireplace leaks, and water damage may be from exterior water intrusion caused by no chimney cap, crown cracks & deterioration, mortar joint deterioration, cracking in the masonry construction, flashing & roof leaks, shoulder slab gaps, foundation cracking, and/or flue gas condensation (over or under sized chimney liners).

All the brick and other materials that make up your home are protected by the roof and eave, all that is, except your chimney. The chimney sticks up above the roof constantly exposed to all the elements; rain, snow, wind, and the freeze & thaw cycles of winter all the while absorbing water with the need for waterproofing.

Most masonry materials are very porous and absorb large amounts of water that will expand & contract through the freeze & thaw cycles of winter, causing undue stress, cracking, chimney leaks, fireplace leaks, and integrity loss. This endless cycle will progressively escalate the severity of chimney leaks & increase the cost of fireplace chimney repairs.

Masonry water damage caused by chimney leaks is sometimes a slow, subtle process. Chimney leaks are often not evident until it has become quite serious.

Chimney Waterproofing and Repair Atlanta

Protect your investment from chimney leaks:

  1. Have professional grade chimney caps installed.
  2. Repair or replace a damaged chimney crown with Crown Coat.
  3. Repair deteriorated brick & mortar joints.
  4. Repair or replace a leaky flashing.
  5. Have your chimney waterproofed with Chimney Saver Water Base!

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