You Don’t Use a Broom…

If you have seen the classic movie Mary Poppins, then the idea of chimney sweeping might seem like more of a song and dance number than a complex and potentially dangerous task. At Atlanta Chimney Doctor, we can tell you that cleaning your chimney requires some special tools and some specific expertise to do it right. Here are some of the tools and techniques to know before attempting to clean your chimney on your own.

Chimney Rod and Brush

A chimney brush is not just a broom, although when you first see one it might look like it. When cleaning a chimney, you can either go from the top of the chimney and sweep down, or start in the fireplace and sweep up. You will need a chimney brush and rod for either method so that you can reach down or up with the brush to scrub all sides of the chimney.

Drop Cloth for Your Furniture

As any chimney sweep in Alpharetta can tell you, cleaning your own chimney is a dirty job. Even if you take precautions to keep the soot from flying around, some is likely to escape. Protect your belongings and furniture with a tarp or drop cloth.

Dust Mask and Goggles

Make sure you have a dust mask and goggles when cleaning your chimney. This is not just to make the job more comfortable. You can breathe in soot and ash and develop serious health conditions if you do not take some precautionary safety measures.