Why Regular Chimney Cleaning is Important

Here are 3 reasons why you need annual professional chimney cleaning.

  1. Prevent A Chimney Fire– The last thing you want is a chimney fire. Often, by the time firefighters arrive on the scene, significant damage to roofing and the home’s interior has occurred. Every year, thousands of homes across the U.S. are destroyed by these preventable fires.
  2. Protect Against Carbon Monoxide Poisoning– Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning from clogged chimneys happens more frequently than realized. A blocked chimney can cause a buildup of dangerous gas, creating a potentially fatal situation.
  3. Avoid Smoke Damage– When a chimney is not regularly cleaned, soot accumulates and backs up into the home. In severe cases, the soot builds up so much that your home’s interior is at risk of smoke damage.