Why Chimney Maintenance Is Important

Having a fireplace in Atlanta metro is often considered a luxury. Sitting in front of a warm fire during the winter certainly feels comfortable and luxurious, especially if it’s storming outside. However, both fireplaces and chimneys need to be properly maintained in order to keep the inhabitants of the house safe all year round.

Prevention of House Fires

If a fireplace is not appropriately ventilated, then there is a greater risk for the occurrence of devastating house fires. That’s why there are regulations in place that define how a fireplace should be built. Size isn’t the only thing that matters, but builders also have to consider clearances, height, and location in addition to ensuring that the fireplace is properly installed.

Calling a Chimney Sweep

Touching a chimney sweep is considered good luck in many parts of the world. And while you may not win the lottery after the chimney sweep has been to your house, at the very least, your chimney will be properly cleaned. The more often your fireplace is used, the more often it needs to be cleaned out because of creosote buildup. It’s recommended to have your chimney cleaned once a year in order to prevent chimney fires.

Chimney cleaning in Acworth needs to be done properly. Surprisingly, water is actually a chimney’s worst enemy. In fact, homeowners are advised to prevent water absorption into the chimney for that reason. Chimneys are cleaned with wire or chimney brushes that have to be long enough to reach the entire length of the chimney. But since animals like to nest in chimneys, it’s recommended to hire an expert to take care of the chimney maintenance for you.