When to Hire a Chimney Sweep

Regular chimney cleaning in Marietta is important because it removes the dangerous buildup of creosote from your chimney. This creosote layer is combustible, so it’s possible that passing embers could ignite the creosote and your chimney on fire. Chimney fires are always cause for concern because they can spread to your home as well. Here’s what you need to know about when and how to hire a chimney sweep.

Cleaning Frequency

Most chimney sweeps in Marietta, GA, will recommend having your chimney inspected once a year. This inspection is important because it checks for creosote buildup in the chimney as well as other things like flue issues, flue damper problems, structure issues, and more. If you use your fireplace regularly, you should have the chimney cleaned yearly as well. Chimney inspections and cleaning can be easy to overlook, so it’s just easier for most homeowners to be on a regular inspection schedule to make sure it gets done when it should.

Other Indications

There may be other indications that you need your chimney cleaned, especially if you’re not sure when it was last done. If your chimney is having issues, or if you just purchased your home, you should schedule an inspection. This inspection can tell you what’s causing the issues and determine if a cleaning is warranted. The standard for cleaning the chimney is when there’s 1/8 inch of sooty buildup inside the chimney and flue. However, if there is glaze on the flue, the chimney should be cleaned as well. Following this rule of thumb greatly reduces the chances of a chimney fire that could spread to your home.

Time of Year

It’s best to clean your chimney during the summer or early fall before the burning season begins. Although your chimney can be cleaned during any season, you can avoid some dangers associated with blocked chimneys if you have it inspected and cleaned before you use it. Flue damper problems can keep the smoke from exiting the chimney properly. In addition, pests like birds and rodents will sometimes build nests in the chimney during the summer months and cause blockages. A blocked flue can cause toxic gases to back up and enter your home, which could ultimately result in carbon monoxide poisoning.

Hiring a Chimney Sweep

Your search for a good chimney sweep should begin with how they look on paper. They should be licensed and insured and be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, they should be members of the Chimney Safety Institute of American (CSIA) as well as the National Chimney Sweep Guild of America (NCSG). This shows professionalism and dedication to being up-to-date on the latest technology and techniques. Ask for recommendations from neighbors, family, and friends, and look up reviews and testimonials on the company’s website as well as other consumer websites.