When Is Chimney Relining Needed?

Your chimney lining is one of the most important parts of your chimney. It must be regularly inspected, and if it’s damaged, replaced or it can lead to everything from chimney degradation to a fire. On an annual basis, you should have a chimney sweep in Alpharetta inspect your chimney and its lining for damage. If they find damage, here are the basics regarding chimney relining.

What It Is

Your chimney flue or liner will deteriorate over time. When that happens, you can create a major fire hazard whenever you use your fireplace. Liners help channel dangerous heat and gas up through the chimney and they protect the material surrounding your chimney that in most cases is flammable. When cracks appear, or your lining begins to crumble, it must be replaced or repaired. If you have not had it inspected in many years, you need to contact a chimney sweep in Alpharetta, GA, before you use your fireplace.

Liner Variables

Liners have been a requirement in chimneys for at least the last 40 years. Clay tile liners are usually the first option because they are the least expensive and they have a lifespan of 50 years or more. They must be regularly cleaned. That is generally the only maintenance that is required. They do, over time, deteriorate, particularly around mortar joints.

Cast in Place liners are created with poured cement. These flues can stand up to the harmful effects of heat, condensation, temperature fluctuations, gases and acid. They’re also excellent insulators and can even help a fireplace burn cleaner. Cement flues last for about 50 years. In some cases, they can actually be poured over a clay liner and they help hold the old clay liner in place.

Stainless steel flue liners have a lifetime guarantee and are comparatively easy to install. They generally are recommended by fire protection experts and come in flexible and rigid formats. The Chimney sweep cost in Alpharetta, GA, for a stainless-steel flue is negligible.

Having your chimney flue inspected at least once a year just to make sure there are no cracks or other damage is critical to ensuring that your chimney does not pose a fire hazard to your home. A chimney sweep in Alpharetta can generally tell you if you have damage and if your lining needs to be replaced.