What to Do if Your Chimney is Leaking?

Afternoon showers are a regular occurrence in Marietta, but if your chimney isn’t up to par, it can spell disaster. Water in your chimney can be caused by several different factors, none of which should be left untreated.

No Chimney Cap

It is possible for a chimney cap to blow away during a hurricane but replacing it should be a priority. Capless chimneys let in not only rainwater but birds and animals as well.

Cracked Crown

A crown is simply a block of hardened cement at the top of your flue. Over time and exposure to the Georgia sun, cement can crack and allow water inside.

Weathered Flashing

Flashing is a flexible, aluminum piece that creates a seal between your chimney and your roof. Usually, tar is used as a binding agent but if it wears out water will seep in and damage not only your chimney but your roof as well.

Leaking Bricks

Brick and stone are surprisingly porous and the mortar between them will eventually wear and break-away under environmental pressures. Cold temperatures in the winter will freeze water inside. Eventually, it will thaw and when it does you have a leak. Waterproofing your chimney will prevent this from happening.

What to Do

Before you call the roofer, have your chimney inspected by a professional sweep. Fixing a leaking chimney is not something you should do yourself because of the potential safety hazards. Have your chimney inspected on a regular basis. Sometimes, a professional chimney sweep will be able to spot potential problems before they happen and save you hundreds in costly damage repairs. Contact the experts at Atlanta Chimney Doctor for more information or if you have water in your chimney in Marietta.