What Causes Structural Damage to Your Chimney

If you need chimney repair in Dallas, GA, you might rightly wonder what can cause a chimney to become unsafe. There are many causes of structural damage, but the most common are generally not something you can prevent. Chimneys are usually built to withstand abuse from the environment and intense heat. However, if your chimney has experienced any of the following, you could have problems.

Not So Ice

When water finds a crack in the masonry, it will sit there. On cold nights the water may become ice. As it does so, it expands and cause the masonry to crack. It’s one way that water is stronger than rock. You can’t prevent snow or icy conditions.

Earth, Wind, and Fire

Of course, water isn’t the only thing that expands and contracts. Simply lighting a fire in your chimney will cause it to heat up. The masonry expands with heat and contracts as it cools down. Anything that causes the chimney to move can create a structural issue, even when you use the chimney properly. While this may take decades to reach the tipping point, other immediate factors can damage your chimney such as high winds or earthquakes.

Built Tough

Chimneys are supposed to last. However, they’re a specialized part of the house, and if they are built without the right knowledge, tools, and materials, they could be compromised. Generally speaking, contractors will do a good job; however, there are people who cut corners. Hiring a business that does chimney repair in Dallas ensures that your chimney will be able to heat your home while not becoming structurally unsound. A chimney that has undergone structural damage may collapse and cause more damage. Get your chimney checked out. Schedule an appointment with Atlanta Chimney Doctor today.