What Causes Chimney Odors

Your fireplace brings you a lot of comfort in the cold months. Having a chimney sweep in Acworth, GA, visit before the cold hits will help keep your chimney functional during the winter while avoiding any of the problems that you might face due to a lack of maintenance. Even if you do hire a chimney sweep for regular maintenance, you should call him or her if you smell anything weird or bad coming from the chimney. These most common causes of bad smells are animals and a build up of creosote. Here’s a little bit about each of them.

Animals: Living and Dead

You would expect a dead animal to smell bad. Its rotting carcass in your flue will create quite the stink. However, a living animal may find your chimney to be a nice place to live in the summer. Even if the animal is alive, its feces and living habits can become quite smelly. Many animals smell musky without even adding in their eating habits or what’s in the nesting area. Call an animal removal service or a chimney sweep if you have an animal in the chimney. Don’t start a fire under it; the animal is likely trapped in the chimney. You could end up with a dead animal, and any material that the animal may have brought into the chimney could start a house fire.

Creosote Accumulation

Creosote build up is the number one cause of chimney fires. While creosote is a natural by product of having a fire, it’s flammable and shouldn’t be allowed to accumulate. Most often people who smell a heavy, smoky odor coming from the chimney during the summer months have a problem with too much creosote. Don’t let it get worse. If your chimney smells, hire a chimney sweep in Acworth to take care of the problem.