Top Chimney Repairs to Have Done This Summer

Now that the winter months have come to an end, you may not be thinking of how you can prepare your home for next winter. However, the summer is the perfect time to make sure your home will stay warm during the winter, which means you should have a chimney sweep in Acworth, GA, inspect and clean your chimney. Chimney repair is also something to consider during the summer for a few reasons. Here are a few repairs that are best done during the summer.

Why Summer Repairs Are Best

The most obvious reason to have chimney repairs done during the summer is because that’s when it will be most convenient for you and the technicians. Your chimney won’t be in use, so it will be easier for the repairs to be identified and addressed. Your chimney is most likely to sustain damage during the winter when freeze/thaw cycles occur. Warm weather is also a better time for many repairs to take place to ensure proper curing of materials. Some repairs may take a while to complete, so it’s best to do these repairs when the weather is warm, and you don’t need your fireplace. In addition, you’re more likely to find reduced rates for chimney repair during the summer when the demand isn’t as high. There are four repairs that you might want to consider getting this summer.

Chimney Cap Repair

It’s important that your chimney cap is in good condition for a couple of reasons. First, a chimney cap helps keep rain, snow, and ice from falling directly into your chimney. It’s important to keep moisture out of the chimney because moisture is what primarily causes damage. Another thing to consider is pests. If your chimney cap is in poor condition or if it’s missing altogether, you run the risk of birds and rodents building nests in your chimney, which can cause serious problems when you try to use your fireplace in the fall and winter again.

Masonry Repair

The masonry can sustain extensive damage over time because the porous materials can allow water absorption, and then freezing and thawing causes damage. Summer is the best time to have mortar replaced because it will cure better in warmer temperatures. While this type of repair can be done during the winter, it’s easier and requires less labor during the summer. Masonry repairs shouldn’t be put off because the damage can worsen quickly. Damaged masonry is dangerous because it increases the risk of a fire, and it can allow dangerous gases to enter your home as well. It’s also a good idea to have the chimney waterproofed following masonry repair to help prevent future damage from the freeze/thaw cycle.

Chimney Relining

Damage to your chimney flue requires you to stop using your fireplace for a while. In some cases, the flue is beyond saving and needs to be relined to ensure proper venting of gas and smoke. Having your chimney relined is a great way to protect your chimney and to increase safety. Most chimneys are relined with stainless-steel liners because they’re durable, and the process is easier than replacing clay tiles in an older chimney.

Chimney Rebuild

Finally, if your chimney needs to be completely rebuilt, summer is a great time to do that. This is a labor-intensive job and is best done in good weather. To schedule your Acworth chimney repair for this summer, contact Atlanta Chimney Doctor today.