Things to Know about Winterizing Your Fireplace

It’s important to keep your chimney and fireplace in good condition in order to avoid problems that can be dangerous as well as costly. Sometimes fireplace repair in Dallas can be avoided if you properly winterize your fireplace. Here are some simple things you can do to make sure your fireplace and chimney are properly winterized.

Professional Inspection

An annual professional inspection can make sure your fireplace and chimney are in good condition and reduce the chances you’ll need fireplace repair in Dallas, GA, this winter. That’s because this inspection identifies potential problems that could become worse like glaze buildup, cracks, leaks, or other damaged areas. The inspection can determine if your chimney needs to be cleaned as well to reduce the chances of a chimney fire.

Flue Damper Check

A common problem homeowners face when winter hits is a drafty fireplace and chimney. These problems are often due to a problem with the flue damper. The damper is the metal piece that opens and closes, so be sure that’s working properly before you attempt to light a fire. It’s important that the damper is able to open easily when the fireplace is in use to allow smoke to escape, but it needs to be able to close well also to conserve energy. If you suspect the damper is damaged, call a professional to repair it.

Clean the Fireplace

Another way to make your fireplace ready for winter is to clean it out. You can hire someone to clean the fireplace or remove smoke and soot from the fireplace surround yourself using water and an all-purpose cleaner. Vinegar and water can also help remove stains.

Check the Door

If your fireplace has doors, check them to make sure they open and shut properly so that you can shut them when the fireplace isn’t in use. If the doors seem ill fitting, you should either have them repaired or replaced altogether.

Chimney Cap

If you have a professional chimney inspection, the inspector will also check the chimney cap to make sure it’s in place and in good shape. If you don’t hire a professional, be sure to check the cap yourself to ensure debris, snow, rain, birds, or other wildlife can’t come in your chimney.