The Chimney Sweeper’s Tools

Cleaning your chimney regularly is essential to your home safety. As you use your fireplace, a layer of flammable creosote builds up along the inside of your chimney. Once it becomes too thick, even a small spark can set it on fire, taking much of your house along with it. In fact, creosote fires are some of the most common and most dangerous home fires.

Chimney Cleaning Supplies

In order to protect your home from the dangers associated with creosote in your chimney, you need to hire a chimney sweep in Atlanta to clean your chimney. The chimney sweep will cover your furniture to protect it from the soot. Then, he or she will use special tools to remove the soot and tar from your chimney. The special tools consist of the following 3 things:

Wire Brush

A wire brush will be attached to a rod of various sizes to reach up your chimney. The wire brush is a flat, round brush that scrapes soot and creosote from the sides of your chimney. If your chimney contains a stainless steel liner, then the chimney sweeper will use a polypropylene brush instead.


A heavy-duty vacuum can be used to remove ash that comes out of your chimney. The vacuum can also be used to clean out the corners and base of your fireplace. It’s important to use a specialized, heavy duty vacuum that won’t get destroyed from the ash and soot.

Chemical Cleaner

Chemicals can also be used to remove stubborn creosote that is built up on the sides of your chimney. There are spray-on powders that can be used in your chimney to break down the glaze. It also makes the creosote less flammable. It can absorb oils and orders that are hard to remove, too.

The tools may not be overly complicated, and the process is not overly complicated either. However, it’s important to use the right tools that won’t damage your chimney. You need to be careful to remove as much of the creosote and other debris as possible, so you won’t have to worry about the dangers associated with a creosote buildup. Some of those dangers include fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, or a very dirty home.

Most people are familiar with the most important tool for chimney cleaning in Atlanta: the long-handled chimney brush that has been associated with chimney sweeps for centuries. Most come with stiff wire bristles, although you’ll need to search for one with softer bristles if you have a metal chimney liner. In addition to your brush, you’ll need other tools to do a thorough job, including the following:

  • Small dustpan and broom
  • Flashlight
  • Ladder (if working from your roof)

Other Supplies

To make the job easier–and safer–stock up on these supplies as well before attempting to clean a chimney:

  • Safety goggles
  • Dust mask
  • Safety harness (if working from your roof)
  • Drop cloths to cover your floors and furniture

Chimney Cleaning Methods

There are 2 main strategies for cleaning a chimney. The first is to start from your roof and gradually work the brush down your chimney. The main advantage to this strategy is that you can seal off the fireplace at the bottom, protecting your belongings against soot and ash. However, not everyone has access to their roof or is comfortable working on the roof.

The second way to clean a chimney is to work from your fireplace. It’s safer but messier, since you can’t seal off your fireplace.

When to Call the Professionals

Contact Atlanta Chimney Doctor to schedule your cleaning as soon as possible. Our professional chimney sweepers will come to your home with the proper tools in hand to take care of the problem for you.