The Best Fireplace Insert Styles Available

Roasting chestnuts and the comforting crackle of a home fireplace may be the American dream, but there’s certainly more than one way to achieve it. Fireplaces these days come in so many diverse styles and arrangements in order to fit the aesthetic and style needs of your home or business. For anyone searching for the perfect fireplace inserts in Alpharetta, GA, here are some options available through Atlanta Chimney Doctor, LLC, that you’re sure to love.

See-Through Fireplaces

The name says it all with this style of fireplace. A see-through fireplace is one that can serve as a divide between two rooms, and when wood is burning within the fireplace you can view and enjoy it from both sides of the chimney. These fireplaces typically utilize a glass frame, especially for more modern design styles, which keeps the view exposure free for you to enjoy in multiple rooms of your home while still carefully containing the flames and any soot from the fire itself. This is a sophisticated touch that will add something elegant and homey to any work or living space.

Iconic Fireplaces

Perhaps when you envision the perfect fireplace, you think of marble columns and a large sitting room centerpiece that embodies traditional elegance? The Icon Series type of fireplace gives you the option to choose a raised hearth, or to have your fireplace installed flush to the floor. The quality of the production, materials, design, and installation give this type of fireplace the feeling of artisan craftsmanship but at a fraction of the cost that it would take to install a traditional fireplace. This is the fireplace for die hard traditionalists who don’t want to empty their entire wallet but still want an elegant, quality fireplace.

Accelerator Fireplaces

This black grated fireplace option is sure to give a taste of modern flair to any room. It can be paired with a wide range of trim styles, colors, and materials, making this fireplace choice highly customizable to whatever the needs are of the room where you’re installing it. This fireplace insert style also comes in either a heat circulating version for maximum home heating, or in a radiant version for a more aesthetic appeal. Sleek modernism and accessorizing capabilities come together in this design, giving that much more for you to love in your new fireplace.

Element Fireplaces

If you’ve ever thought that your house would never quite be a home without a fireplace, and yet you’ve struggled to find a balance between aesthetic appeal and affordability in finding a fireplace, the Element wood burning fireplace insert is an excellent alternative. It is a highly affordable fireplace option, with a sleek contemporary design that can work well in a wide variety of room styles. It is also built to be as user friendly and easy on maintenance as possible, with the daily use of the owner in mind. The Element fireplace style is a choice that can’t be beat in terms of affordability and quality.

In conclusion, there are a wide variety of fireplace insert styles available to you. Not only that, but each style has customizable options that can help make it the perfect for your home or office, down to the finest detail. The enduring dream of an extravagant fireplace is within your reach with fireplace inserts, and they make it possible to purchase fireplace inserts in Alpharetta without having to empty your wallet to do so.