The 3 Best Resources for Fireplace Remodeling

Fireplaces can be incredibly beautiful statements in your home. But if you have a worn out fireplace in that is making a less than desirable statement, we can help you. Here at the The Chimney Doctors in Atlanta, we love to tackle projects that take older fireplaces and transform them into something new and stunning. You have a lot of choices when it comes to this kind of work, but there are 3 main materials we like to use in these renovations.


This is the most common, which makes sense as it is the most cost-effective item to use for fireplace inserts in Alpharetta. Brick now comes in a lot of colors, which means you have choices. You can choose a striking color that will make this an accent piece, or we can find a brick that will blend well with your existing color palate. You also have a choice in the size of brick and the way we lay it out with you. We would love the chance to talk about some of these options with you so that you kind find the right option for your home.


Tile is something we like using to line the exterior of fireplaces, and it also works as a nice twist on the traditional hearth. Tile can take a lot of heat and is possible to mount anywhere we like with the right grout. Interior designers are leaning heavily on this kind of fireplace material as it is beautiful and more noticeable than brick, but stays in the mid-range of the budget.


This is our favorite material to bring to fireplace renovation projects. A lot of decor trends are heading in the direction of natural looking materials. You can’t get more natural than actual stones brought down from the mountain. The right shape and color of stone can create the perfect central figure in your home. Stone is also the most durable of all the materials we use, and will need the least amount of maintenance, so that is always something to take into consideration.