Signs That Your Chimney Needs Repair

Your chimney protects you and your family from toxic gases and smoke while allowing you to have a pleasant and warming fire in the hearth. If your chimney doesn’t work, it can present a danger to the health and well-being of everyone in the home. At the Atlanta Chimney Doctor, LLC, in Alpharetta, GA, we know that it can be difficult to tell if your chimney needs repairs. Here are some sure signs.

Brick and Mortar

The Internet may have made some brick and mortar stores obsolete, but your chimney will never go out of style. Damaged or missing bricks may indicate bigger problems. Missing mortar could undermine the structural integrity of your chimney. If you notice either of these things, you should get a chimney repair team to your home quickly.

Water Damage

If the walls around your home have water stains, you may need chimney leak repair. Your chimney crown is supposed to keep the water out of your home and away from your fireplace. If you suspect that it isn’t working, you’ll need to call a professional to fix it.

A Flue Shot

A flue liner is meant to help keep the smoke and chemicals from your fire moving in an upward direction. If your chimney has a cracked liner or no liner at all, you need to get a new one. Be sure it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Of course, if your chimney is leaning, you have a major problem. Call a professional immediately. Leaning chimneys can fall over at any time and represent a clear and present danger to your family and your home.

If you have a chimney sweep inspect and clean your chimney every year, he or she can help you learn whether you need chimney repair in Alpharetta, GA. These professionals work with chimneys all the time, so they are familiar with what a chimney should look like and when there could be trouble.