Reasons Your Fireplace is Smoking up Your House


If your fireplace fills the room with smoke when you light it, there’s a long list of possible reasons why. The first step is to determine if the smoke is situational. It’s normal for downdrafts and a few puffs of smoke to blow down the chimney and into the room from time to time. But if you light up the fireplace and it immediately fills the room with smoke, a closer inspection may be needed to determine the cause.

First, check the damper, a hinged metal plate that is generally closed when the fireplace is not in use. It operates through a lever you’ll find if you crouch down and look up inside the fireplace. Opening it allows the smoke to escape normally.

Another reason for smoke problems could be that the room surrounding the fireplace doesn’t have sufficient airflow, which can interfere with the smoke rising through the chimney to the outdoors. Try opening a window in the room to see if this remedies the situation. Additional possible issues include soot buildup, a blockage in the chimney, or improper construction. An experienced chimney sweep can analyze the problem, offer a solution, and allow you to enjoy your fireplace during those chilly winter evenings.

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