Major Signs It’s Time for Dryer Vent Cleaning

People don’t often put a lot of thought into what’s going on with their dryer vents. And why would they? But after months or years of reliable service out of your dryer, it might be time for dryer vent cleaning. After all, all that air that dries your clothes has to go somewhere. If you’re drying your clothes on a regular basis, your dryer vent is undergoing a lot of strain and will need to be serviced. Oftentimes the same reliable company you use for chimney cleaning in Dallas is the same one you can call on for dryer vent cleaning. Here are a few signs it’s time to give them a call.

Clothes Aren’t Completely Dry

Probably the most obvious sign that something isn’t right, if your dryer doesn’t seem to be performing as well as it usually does, it may be because the dryer vent isn’t working properly. Typically, a regular size load of clothes should be dry after about 35 to 40 minutes. If you’re finding it’s taking longer and longer to dry your clothes, it might not be because your dryer is broken. It simply needs its dryer vent cleaned. You also might notice a musty smell coming off your clothes or out of the dryer. This is another sign the dryer vent isn’t working properly.

Too Much Buildup in the Lint Trap

Not all of the lint from your clothes should wind up in the lint trap. In fact, much of it leaves via the dryer vent so you never see it. If, however, the dryer vent isn’t working properly, then all that excess lint will wind up in the trap. If your trap seems to be unusually full every time you dry your clothes, your dryer vent may be in need of a clean.

Clothes Seem Unusually Hot

Your clothes are going to be warm and toasty after they’ve been dried, but they shouldn’t be scalding. If they seem to be getting much hotter after a load, then it’s in indication of a poorly functioning dryer vent. Similarly, you might notice the entire laundry room to be hot. This is another sign you might need the vent cleaned.

Debris Surrounding the Outside Vent Opening

A properly working dryer vent should have a clean exit opening. If, however, you notice excess lint or debris building up outside by the dryer vent opening, then there’s likely an accumulation of material in the dryer vent that will have to be cleaned out.

It’s Been Over a Year Since the Last Cleaning

Your dryer vent needs to be cleaned out regularly. If it’s been over a year, and everything’s working properly, then all of a sudden you notice your clothes aren’t drying as quickly as they have in the past then it’s probably time to get your dryer vent cleaned.

So, the next time your dryer isn’t living up to your expectations, don’t panic. It’s very possible you won’t need to go shopping for a new dryer. All you need to do is find experts at dry vent cleaning in Dallas, and your dryer will be working as good as new in no time. Contact the team at Atlanta Chimney Doctor to learn about our cleaning options!