Keeping Your Chimney in Good Shape

There’s nothing quite like the glow of the fireplace on a cold winter’s night. However, that warm glow can quickly turn dangerous when the chimney is unsafe because of improper maintenance and care. Fortunately, there are professionals who can provide the services you need to ensure dangerous gases aren’t leaking into your home. Chimney cleaning in Atlanta can also reduce the chances of a chimney fire by removing creosote buildup. Here’s what you need to know about proper chimney care.

Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping, or chimney cleaning in Atlanta, is an important process that prevents chimney fires, which can easily spread to the rest of your home. Professional chimney sweeps clean the chimney by removing built up soot and creosote that becomes flammable. While it’s best to have your chimney inspected yearly, you may not actually need it cleaned that often. It all depends on how much buildup is present in the chimney. Chimney cleaning also removes any bird nests or other pest homes that could decrease the chimney’s safety.


Regular chimney inspections help find weaknesses in the chimney that could allow dangerous gases to seep into the home. In addition, inspections give you an overall picture of the condition of all chimney parts, including flue, liner, cap, mortar, etc. Early detection of problems is vital for preventing further damage to your chimney.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps in Atlanta help prevent damage to the chimney that could be caused by rain entering the top of the chimney. Water in the chimney can eventually cause weakening of the lining when the water mixes with corrosive elements. Additionally, water in the chimney can weaken the joints between tiles because of expansion due to freezing and thawing. Caps help prevent water penetration and also keep pests like birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals from nesting in your chimney. A cap with a screen mesh can also protect your roof from sparks that may travel up the chimney.