Increase Your Home Value with a Fireplace Makeover

When you’re looking to sell a home, it makes sense to find every possible avenue to increase resale value. Upgrading and maintaining an existing feature like a built-in fireplace is the perfect place to spend a little cash and attention.

Whether your fireplace is in good condition that needs a professional check-up, or is a design disaster from the 1970s, Atlanta Chimney Doctor is an experienced chimney cleaning service with over 25 years of experience. You can rely on their fully licensed, bonded, and insured team of certified chimney sweeps to clean, repair or upgrade your fireplace, quickly and professionally. Call today for a professional estimate on chimney cleaning costs for your Alpharetta, GA, home!

When Should a Fireplace Be Cleaned?

Annual service inspections are recommended by the National Fire Protection Association for all wood and natural gas fireplaces.

Surprised? Many owners of a gas-burning fireplace are. They assume because of the ‘clean’ nature of the fuel that regular cleaning is unnecessary. The truth is, any time a fuel is burned, it creates residue build-up on surfaces, and causes stress on functional parts of the unit. Gas fireplaces are complex appliances requiring inspection by certified professionals.

Even owners of wood-burning fireplaces often put off this crucial appointment for years. The NFPA recommends a thorough cleaning when the creosote build-up reaches ¼” depth on chimney walls, which occurs easily over a single moderate-use season.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, getting a clean bill of health from this licensed chimney cleaning service will make a great selling feature. Buyers will feel comfortable knowing they can move in and enjoy a cheery fire right away.

What Happens during a Fireplace Cleaning and Inspection?


  • Glass Doors and Covers are removed, checked for scratches, and cleaned inside and out.
  • Gas valves are inspected for damage to prevent carbon monoxide leaking into the home.
  • Ceramic logs are checked for cracks or signs of damage. They may need to be replaced.
  • Ports and vents are cleaned of debris.
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors are inspected, batteries replaced.


  • Chimney inspected for signs of debris or animal nesting.
  • Vents inspected for proper air flow and dust removal.
  • Creosote and flammable materials removed by professional sweep. (Atlanta Chimney Doctor has a No Mess White Glove Policy! No soot will enter your home.)
  • Masonry inspected for signs of damage, cracking or water incursion.
  • Chimney Crown checked for damage.
  • Chimney Cap verified. Must be replaced if missing or damaged.

Home Improvement

You can also significantly increase the selling price of your home by upgrading your existing fireplace! A 2016 study by Angie’s List discovered 63% of home buyers actively look for a working fireplace in their search. And, they’d willingly increase their purchase price by as much as $5000 to score a gas or wood fireplace.

Wood Vs. Gas?

Take your pick!

Wood burning fireplaces still top the preference charts. People love the romance, evoked by the homey smell and sound of a crackling fire. They imagine cold nights with a glass of wine, or family fun with s’mores & hot dogs.

Younger buyers are increasingly interested in modern gas fireplaces. Recent gas models are more energy-efficient, yet have the look of a traditional wood fire. They also create less mess inside the house, and don’t require tending or the purchase of firewood. The convenience and ease of flicking a wall switch, or aiming a remote, appeals to busy working families.

Call a certified sweep from Atlanta Chimney Doctor today for a thorough cleaning or make-over recommendation, and increase your home’s resale value!