How to Repair a Chimney Crown

Your chimney crown is located just above the chimney flue. It is required to help keep water from seeping into your chimney. If moisture gets into your chimney, you could have water damage and your fireplace will struggle to heat your home. The most common issues that people have with their chimney crowns are cracks and damage. If you have these issues with your chimney crown, you may be wondering about how to repair a chimney crown in Marietta. To do this, you would need to take the following steps:

1.      Prepare the Area

Use caution as you climb a ladder to get on top of your roof. When you reach your chimney crown, you should remove all debris, rocks, and particles around it. Clean off any mold that may have started to grow. Use a stiff wire brush to remove it effectively. If you need to remove the crown, be careful as you do so. Place a drop cloth over the hole to prevent anything from falling down your chimney.

2.      Remove Extra Concrete

If there is extra concrete that needs to be removed, you’ll need a chisel. Tap away as you remove the broken concrete. Place the concrete in a bucket, so you can carefully bring it off the roof with you.

3.      Create Your Mixture

The mixture that you use to attack the chimney crown should consist of 2 parts mason’s cement to 1 part gravel. Make sure that there are no lumps in the mixture. Then, you should add water a little bit at a time. Make sure that the mixture sticks together without becoming too runny. Then, add about 1 cup of a bonding agent.

4.      Attach the Chimney Crown

If your chimney flue is less than 6 inches in length, you should place your chimney crown about 2-inches from the flue. If your chimney is greater than 6 inches in length, then you should place your chimney crown about 4-inches from the flue. Use a trowel to spread the mixture evenly over the chimney crown. Make sure that there are no bubbles. If you’re using the mixture to fill cracks, make sure that you’re getting the mixture deep into the crack. You don’t want to just fill the crack along the surface.

5.      Dry the Mixture

Allow the mixture to dry completely before moving onto the final step. It may take an entire day to allow it to dry out completely. If you need to, place a drop cloth over the chimney crown to prevent rain or other debris getting into the wet concrete.

6.      Add Sealant

Once the concrete is dry, you should apply a coat of sealant. For example, you could use Crown Coat. Make sure to use a brush and apply at least 3 coats.

Repairing your chimney crown is important to making sure that no water will get into your chimney. If you need any assistance completing these steps, contact Atlanta Chimney Doctor. We can come to your home to inspect your chimney crown and determine the right steps to take to make sure that your crown is fixed and protected from future problems.