How to Hire the Best Chimney Repair Services

With services you may not need often, like roof replacement or chimney repair in Marietta, GA, it’s critical to do due diligence before turning over any of your hard earned cash to a contractor. Not only do you want a contractor capable of doing the work, but you need a contractor who will be around to stand behind the job. As you get bids to repair a damaged chimney, keep these things in mind.


It’s important to note how long a chimney repair or chimney sweep company has been in business. If the contractor finishes the repair and something isn’t quite right, a company with a long history will still be around to send the contractor back to perfect the job. The other concern is scam artists who pop up overnight, give a few bids, take your deposit for the work, but are never seen or heard from again. By choosing a company with a long history, you eliminate that risk.


Ensuring that a company insures its workers and its work gives you peace of mind. A company’s liability insurance policy protects your home and property against potential damages caused by the work.

Unresolved Complaints

Check with the Better Business Bureau in your city or state to ensure that the company you’re considering for chimney repair work has unresolved complaints.


A reliable chimney repair company should be able to give you references from happy customers.

Doing your due diligence when you need to hire a contractor to do home repairs will prevent you from being scammed or taken advantage of. It’s also the best way to ensure the work is done appropriately and to your liking.