Get Your Gas Fireplace Serviced This Summer

“I am thinking about my fireplace in the middle of summer” said no one about fireplace repair in Dallas, GA, ever. The fact is all of us tend to put things like fireplaces out of our minds once the cold weather recedes. Now, though, is exactly the time we should be thinking about our fireplaces and furnaces and getting them serviced for the inevitable march of colder weather that will be here before we know it. Here are some general maintenance tips for servicing your fireplace now as opposed to when you want to use it.

The Fireplace Window

Clean it up! Not only does a dirty window keep you from enjoying the mesmerizing flames, it also can obstruct you from seeing potential trouble spots, like a crack in the wall or a log that is getting ready to fall. Use a nonabrasive cleaner and a soft, damp cloth in order to ensure the glass does not get scratched. Dry it with a cotton cloth or shop towels to avoid having tiny fibers left behind on the glass. Consult the maker of your fireplace glass to get a specific recommendation on what type of glass cleaner to use.

The Barrier Screen

The safety screen can become clogged with soot and debris. While this does not pose any type of a hazard, it can obstruct your view and if it’s dirty enough, over time, will make the room your fireplace is in smell like burnt wood. That can be pleasant on a cold, winter evening, but not in the middle of August! You need a bristled brush and some elbow grease to knock off any debris.

Inspect While Cleaning

Use the time you spend cleaning to inspect your fireplace. If you find any cracks or wearing to any of the fireplace components, contact someone to do fireplace repair in Dallas as soon as they can.

Keeping your fireplace clean is not just so that it looks amazing come the holidays. Cleaning it now also gives you a chance to see if you need to investigate fireplace repair in Dallas, GA, to have it serviced before everyone else decides to pay attention to their fireplaces.