Fixing Masonry Chimney Damage in Dallas, GA.

Fixing Masonry Chimney Damage

Your chimney is a beautiful feature in your home that makes a powerful statement. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it provides vital, natural heat to your home. Of course, this means that your chimney must be kept up and protected. Unfortunately, most people are not aware that a chimney is nearly always exposed to damaging elements.

A traditional masonry chimney, built from brick, is not like the outer walls of your home. It is not protected by a roof or awning, it is exposed to strong heat and smoke, and it is not insulated. For this reason, nearly every home’s chimney will need repair at some point. If you are in this situation, with need for minor repairs, or if you have water leaking around your chimney in Dallas, GA., then the professionals can help get your chimney back to the heat-producing and beautiful architectural feature it was built to be.

To better understand how masonry chimney damage is fixed, here is a brief explanation of how damages can occur.

If your chimney cap is damaged, missing, or was never added, then water can leak through the chimney down into your home any time it rains. Water can also leak through the grout and indoors over time, as all brick grout is vulnerable to eventual cracking, holes, or even mold damage over time. Because masonry is porous, it will absorb any moisture it is naturally exposed to, and the moisture will attack your chimney from the inside. It is a slow process, but once it occurs, you may notice water leaking into your home the next time precipitation occurs.

Chimney repair experts in Dallas, Georgia can repair the brick and mortar that has been water damaged, and can even protect it from future damage with products like crown coat and chimney saver water base, which keep moisture outside where it belongs. If you notice water around your chimney, call Atlanta Chimney Doctor for repairs as soon as possible to prevent water damage to your interior floors, furniture, and other parts of your property.

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