Fall Means It’s Time to Clean and Inspect the Chimney

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The fall season brings cooler temperatures that have you ready to light a log or two in your home’s fireplace. However, there are a few things you will want to do before burning the first cords of wood for warmth in autumn and the colder winter months

Homeowners typically begin operating their fireplaces as soon as the evenings start to chill, around late October and early November, but they often fail to clean out the fireplace or chimney. The soot from last season may still be built up inside, causing a potential fire hazard.

It’s important to have the chimney of your fireplace properly inspected and cleaned out before you start using it for the year. A trained Alpharetta chimney sweep can identify common issues that develop in chimneys and the best approach to take to remedy them.

Soot Problems

Experts say the leading cause of fires in home heating sources is the failure to clean out fireplaces and chimneys. The main culprit is creosote, the soot from burning wood that builds up inside the fireplace flue and along walls.

Excess creosote can corrode the chimney and wear away the mortar joints. A smoky fire often indicates a buildup of creosote. The more creosote in the chimney that isn’t properly cleaned out, the greater the risk for a fire hazard.

Book Early

It’s best to book the services of a chimney sweep in Alpharetta before the cold weather arrives, when the demand for their work is high. The cold weather can also interfere with the chimney sweep’s cleaning work, so it is best to set up an appointment in the months before it gets busy for them.

Have It Inspected

You should also request an inspection of the chimney along with the cleaning. An inspection will ensure that any potential problems are spotted and repairs or servicing is done. In the most common type of inspection classified by the National Fire Protection Agency, the chimney sweep visually examines the interior and exterior to ensure the structure is intact and there are no obstructions or signs of damage.

Addressing any chimney problems before you start using the fireplace on a regular basis this year will ensure not only a warm environment, but a safe one. Experts recommend that you should have your fireplace chimney inspected annually. When the time comes, a trained and qualified Alpharetta chimney sweep is prepared to do the job.