Do You Need to Rebuild or Repair Your Chimney?

Take a look at your chimney. Are there bricks that are missing or cracked? Does it look like it’s about to crumble to the ground? Does it smoke when you try to light a fire in it? Is the mantel coming away from the wall? These are all issues we see regularly, and they need immediate attention. The summer and fall months are best for doing chimney repairs and rebuilds, because homeowners typically are not using their chimneys during this time.

Some repairs are minor and can be patched up easily. In some cases (in older homes, generally) the entire chimney needs to be replaced. Another scenario where you might need a chimney rebuild is if you are doing a major home remodel and you need the chimney moved to another part of the house. We take care of all of those situations.

If you’re wondering about the cost to rebuild a chimney in Marietta, our team can come out and perform an inspection so that we can make a good evaluation of your chimney’s condition and give you an accurate estimate. We’ll also be able to tell you if your chimney needs repairs or an overhaul to get it looking great and in safe working order. We recommend getting an inspection soon so you’re ready to enjoy cozy fires this winter with your family.