Do You Have a Roof Leak or a Chimney Leak?

When you first discover that you have a leak inside the house, you might just simply stick a pail underneath the dripping water and forget all about it, hoping the rain will stop and the problem will go away. This is not a good plan. It’s better to get the leak fixed before the next rain storm. How do you know if the leak is from the roof or from the chimney. Water leaking around the chimney area might be an indication that it’s your chimney and not the roof that’s leaking. We at Atlanta Chimney Doctor, LLC would like to help you know the difference between a chimney and roof leak and the signs to look for.

Roof Leak in Acworth

Spotting missing shingles on your roof or finding shingles below on the ground is one sign you might have a leaking roof Acworth, GA.  The area of the missing shingles–easily spotted because the difference in color in certain spots on your roof–can guide you to the spot on your ceiling that might have the beginnings of a leak. Another sign of a roof leak is having gutters that are clogged. Two ways to quickly spot this are seeing leaves sticking up out of the gutter or noticing that the downspouts are not freely releasing water–or releasing it at all!

Chimney Leak in Acworth

Rain can come down into your chimney if your chimney cover has fallen or blown away, or wasn’t installed in the first place. A chimney cover is important not only to avoid water leaking around the chimney, but it prevents debris and small animals from getting in as well. If the cover (aka, crown), is cracked, it might take a little longer, but the rain will get in this way too. Leaking bricks can also bring water into your house.

Flashing, the thin metal underneath your shingles, can crack, and when this happens close by the chimney area of the roof, it might be hard to figure out whether the leak is coming from the roof or the chimney.

No matter where the leak is coming from, it’s important to get it fixed right away. Letting the problem go too long can not only cause problems with your roof or chimney, but the problem can also spread to the walls and even cause damage to your floors. Even furniture and appliances can share in the damage originating from one small leak that goes unrepaired.

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