Different Chimney Cap Styles

Chimney caps are an important safety feature on your chimney, keeping sparks from flying out and landing on your roof or lawn. They also keep out pesky animals and help protect your chimney against harsh weather. Depending on your chimney, there may be multiple types of chimney caps to choose from.

Standard Cap

Standard chimney caps in Atlanta, GA, typically attach to the flue or crown of your chimney. They come in a variety of styles in both single-flue and multi-flue options. These are usually straightforward to install, and if you’re comfortable working on your roof you can usually do it yourself.

Draft Inducer Caps

Fireplaces with draft problems can benefit from draft inducing chimney caps. Most chimney caps improve draft problems because they keep wind from blowing down into your fireplace. However, draft-increasing caps provide even more protection from strong winds and create a better updraft.

If you’re still having problems with your fireplace drafting or ventilation, you can also find electric draft-inducing caps. These use fans to let you control the amount of draft that goes up and down your chimney so you can find the perfect balance. However, they are also some of the most complicated to install and usually require the help of a professional.

Outside Mount Caps

Instead of attaching to the flue, outside mount chimney caps in Atlanta, GA, attach to the body of the chimney. These are used in masonry chimneys and are typically made to order so they can fit over any size or style of chimney. This makes them a good choice for chimneys with irregular shapes or irregular flues. Outside mount caps also typically provide the best protection against the elements because they completely cover the top of the chimney.