Chimney Maintenance Checklist for Spring

Spring is here and that means inspecting your chimney for rain damage. If you are inclined to put it off, keep in mind in no time flat it is going to be hot, humid and putting off getting  a chimney cleaning in Acworth, GA, is not fun. Fortunately, inspecting your chimney does not take a lot of time (you can probably do it while you are inspecting your roof for damage) and here is a brief checklist of what to be on the lookout for.

Safety First

Remember that even if you are used to working on your roof, it has been a while and accidents can happen to anyone. When you venture upwards, make sure you have a partner to serve as a spotter and someone to hold ladders, hand you tools or help transport materials up to the roof. Also, make sure you use all appropriate safety gear, including harnesses, gloves, eye protection, etc. Finally, do not take any risks; injuring yourself while inspecting your chimney when you can so easily call for an inspection, repair and chimney cleaning in Acworth by the fireplace expert’s Atlanta Chimney Doctor’s.

Flue Inspection and Cleaning

If you burn any type of wood in a fireplace or woodstove, your chimney likely has been subjected to creosote build-up. This is not only a stinky situation, but it can also be a fire hazard. Creosote is a by-product of burning wood and it will adhere to anything it can as the wood is burned off. In most cases, that is your chimney. To be safe and avoid that burnt smell all summer around your fireplace or woodstove, scheduling a chimney and dry vent cleaning as well as a flue cleaning is a good idea; scheduling in the spring also helps avoid the rush in the fall.

Check the Flashing and Sealants

Ice and snow buildup as well as falling ice and snow can be murderous to chimney flashing. It can become dislodged, distorted and ripped, opening your chimney up to leaks. Inspect the flashing and any sealants around any seem between the chimney and the house and make sure they are both secure. If the sealant is missing or cracked or if the flashing is damaged, make sure you fix it or have it fixed during your annual chimney and dry vent cleaning.

Inspect the Roof

The roof also can sustain damage during the winter, so it is good to inspect your entire roof, paying special attention to any shingles or roofing around your chimney. Look for loose, missing or broken shingles, cracked slate or torn metal. If you find any, unless you have done it before, it is best to leave fixing it to a professional. In most cases, you can have roofing repairs and a chimney cleaning done one after another or at the same time.

Check for Critters

Your chimney is a critter magnet. Birds, squirrels, bats, bees, etc. all are known for nesting in chimneys. Inspect your chimney and if you see any signs of pests, call an exterminator as soon as you can. Do not let whatever it is that is calling your chimney home get a foothold.

Prep for Moisture Exposure

Wetness and dampness can do a lot of damage to your masonry, including aging it so it needs replacement earlier. Inspect the crown to make sure it repels water and apply or have applied a sealant to your masonry once a year.

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