Checking Your Roof and Chimney for Damage after a Hailstorm

Did you know that hail can damage your roof and cause leaks? If you live in an area that gets hailstorms, then it’s a good idea to inspect your roof after each storm to assess any damage. If you let any damage to your roof or chimney go unnoticed, you could soon have leaks causing extensive damage that can be costly to fix. Instead, if you catch the damage early on, you can fix it and move on without much fuss.

The Roof and Chimney

Roofs are typically covered with shingles made from a variety of materials. Shingles are meant to direct water off the roof and into the gutters for drainage. Underneath the shingles is a layer of felt that repels water in case any gets under the shingles. A chimney provides a unique challenge because it breaks the uniformity of the roof. Because of this, there is flashing around the chimney to prevent leaks from getting in the crevices. Flashing is metal shaped like an L that sits on the roof and against the chimney.

Looking for Damage

After a hailstorm, we recommend inspecting your roof and chimney for damage. If you’re worried about doing this safely, you can hire a professional to come look at it. What exactly are you looking for? Hail can dent the shingles and flashing. Dents can turn into weak spots that will eventually let water in. When you’re inspecting your roof, look for these dents in the shingles or flashing. They may be small, but if water starts to get in, you can have a huge headache of problems to fix. If you do find damage, you can replace individual shingles or the leaking chimney flashing to prevent water damage before it starts. Professional roofers are well equipped to fix these minor problems if you aren’t super handy. Don’t let the next hailstorm at your house escalate to a huge problem. Catch the damage early and fix it for peace of mind at a reasonable cost.