Caring for Your Chimney This Winter

You can’t afford to provide a lack of care to your chimney this winter. You should be scheduling annual maintenance checks, take care of necessary repairs, clean the flue regularly, and more! To help you take excellent care of your chimney this upcoming season, here are a few tips to consider following.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

First things first: you should schedule an annual inspection of your chimney. A chimney sweep in Marietta, GA, can identify any damage that your chimney has sustained and recommend repairs that need to be completed before winter. You should schedule at least one chimney inspection every year to ensure yours is in good condition. If you use your chimney regularly, you know how vital an undamaged flue and cleaned chimney cap is to daily operation.

Take Care of Necessary Repairs

Once your chimney sweep lets you know what repairs need to be completed, you should get on top of them immediately! A chimney professional will be able to assess any damage from moisture or general wear that your chimney has sustained over the past year. Their recommended repairs are backed by years of education and experience in the field. However, you’ll likely need to hire a qualified chimney repairperson to begin working on these renovations to your home. Just make sure to keep your budget in mind when hiring a contractor and do plenty of research to find the best chimney specialists in your area.

Install a Cricket or Chimney Cap

It’s essential you install protection on your chimney from water run-off and leakage, which can cause severe damage to your chimney and roof. A cricket can stop your chimney from being doused in water and can be installed directly on your roof. However, a cricket isn’t the only protection you can install; also consider buying a chimney cap for your house. This device is usually cheaper than a cricket and can prevent moisture in your chimney. Without one, a significant amount of water can enter the top of your chimney; with one, you can prevent severe damage to your flue, which can cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

Check the Flue Before Using the Chimney

Before using your chimney, you should always check the flue. This way, you can make sure there aren’t any blockages that can fill your home with smoke. In the winter, birds usually like making a nest at the top of chimneys (due to its warmth). These nests can create smoke blockages and put you at danger when using the chimney. Fortunately, you can avoid this altogether with a chimney cap, but you should always shine a light up your flue before lighting a fire to make sure you can see through to the top opening. It’s also worth inspecting the top of your chimney yourself if you have easy roof access. After all, you never know what kind of leaves and branches might be stuck to the top opening of your chimney.

You can’t afford to neglect your chimney this winter, primarily if you use it frequently during cold weather. Hopefully, this guide can help you write a short task list of things you need to do to get your chimney winter-ready this year. As a homeowner, you must provide proper maintenance to every area of your home. From scheduling an annual inspection to checking the flue, there’s plenty you can start doing today to ensure your chimney is in good shape. Contact Atlanta Chimney Doctor today at (678) 525-7943 for $40 off your first cleaning!