6 Signs Your Chimney Crown Needs Repairing

A chimney crown is a beautiful accessory to your home’s exterior, especially if it complements the architectural style of the structure. When it shows signs of damage, it means more than a less-attractive feature, though. After all, a chimney crown has several practical purposes. For example, you may end up with a leaking chimney, which can lead to its own variety of problems. There are several warning signs that should clue you to the status of your chimney crown. If yours shows any of the 6 following problems, then you will need help repairing a chimney crown in Kennesaw. Thankfully, there are experts who can do that for you. Before the damage becomes too severe, you should hire professionals to take a look at it and repair it right away.

What Crowns Do

First of all, you should learn what exactly your chimney crown does, besides acting as a handsome apex to this architectural feature. The crown is a concrete roof-like structure that is specially made to be thick and sloped. It offers the following benefits:

  • Keeps your chimney free of water damage
  • Keeps pests out
  • Prevents birds from nesting in or on your chimney
  • Protects the bricks or concrete that make up the chimney

A professional who can repair a chimney crown should evaluate your crown every year or so to ensure it is problem-free. Regular care can prevent problems from escalating, catch them when they are minor, and keep it looking attractive atop your home. This can save you thousands of dollars down the road. For example, providing chimney repair to small cracks is much less expensive than repairing a crumbling, waterlogged chimney.

Signs of Damage

And now onto the signs that your chimney crown could be causing problems.

  • Cracks – Visible cracks in the crown, even small ones, will need to be filled with concrete as soon as possible. Tiny cracks are large enough for dirt, moisture, ants, and termites to seep down into your chimney.
  • Falling Tiles – If you notice tiles falling down into your fireplace, then there is a possibility that the flue lining of the chimney is in poor condition.
  • Rust – Rust is a sign of moisture damage just about everywhere, on anything. If you see rust in your fireplace, then there is one probable place from which moisture is entering the chimney: the crown.
  • Interior Wall Damage – Take a close look at the walls near the chimney inside your home. Look closely at the paint, wallpaper, or whatever wall finishing material you have. Do you see moisture damage, like discolored blotches or fraying? Moisture may be seeping through the crown.
  • Mortar Joint Damage – Mortar joints are also a good place to look for moisture damage. Signs include dark spots, crumbling, and cracking mortar. The crown is likely letting water down.
  • Chimney Degradation – By the time that actual chunks of concrete or bricks that make up the chimney itself are falling, then your crown damage is severe, as is the damage to your home itself. You will have to hire professional crown repair, if not chimney rebuilding services.

So if you notice any of the above problems with your chimney, you need to have your crown fixed as soon as possible. Keep your home in good shape by only hiring trained professionals for repairing a chimney crown in Kennesaw.