5 Reasons to Choose Credible Chimney Sweep Services

If you’re like most people, you don’t give your chimney a second though until you’re ready to use it. But as soon as the stores are full of Christmas trees and holiday decorations, it doesn’t take much to think of your chimney. But a chimney is not like a heater. You can’t just turn it on after months of inactivity. Here are 5 reasons to choose a credible chimney sweep service before attempting to use your fireplace at home.

1. Prevent Fires

Even though most house fires start in the kitchen, an accidental fire in your chimney is a real possibility. Your chimney accumulates all kinds of debris during spring, summer, and fall. Wind and storms can cause falling leaves and sticks to fall down and reside inside of your chimney. Sometimes animals build nests in a portion of your chimney. And although the animals may be long gone by the time it gets cold outside, the nesting material can easily catch on fire.

Fires can get out of hand quickly. The smartest thing you can do to prevent a chimney fire is to hire a chimney sweep to clean it out before you start using it for the season.

2. Remove Birds and Pests

The chimney is an ideal place for birds and other pests to build a nest. It’s out of sight and hearing from common predators, it’s warm and cozy, and it’s solid and sturdy. If animals are residing in your chimney, you may already know about it because of the smell and noise. But it can be dangerous to attempt to remove these animals yourself. It’s better to get a professional to do this for you to keep your family and the animals safe.

3. Protect Your Family

Sitting in front of the fire is delightful, especially when it’s cold outside. But having a fireplace can be hazardous if you don’t take care of it properly. One reason to call a chimney sweep in Alpharetta before you light a fire is to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Your chimney sweep will make sure that carbon monoxide levels are not building up inside of your home and endangering your loved ones.

4. Keep the Chimney Functioning Properly

When chimneys are not cleaned out properly, they cause problems. For example, water buildup and last year’s ash can cause bad smells. But chimneys will also need repairs over the years. It’s always better to catch problems early, which is why it’s so important to call an expert in chimney repair for regular inspections and sweeps.

5. Peace of Mind

The biggest reason to have your chimney cleaned out by a professional is to have peace of mind. You want to make sure that your chimney will work properly to keep you warm over the winter. A properly functioning chimney is well vented and in good repair. And since you can’t expect Santa Claus to do a real chimney inspection, you might as well hire an expert to do it now. Your family will thank you for it.